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croup introduction

Jincheng ceramics was founded in 1988, is a focusing on production, attention to service, research and development, production, marketing as one of the large ceramic enterprises.The Group owns a series of various decorative accessories, such as Thin tile,Diamond tile,Full-Polished Glazed tile,Rustic tile,Interior wall tile,exterior wall tile, etc. The variety of specifications is complete, frost-resistant, Beautiful color and elegant.The terminal showroom in the country show a wide range of decorative design style, to provide our clients with quality products and services.



development history
  • 1988年

    the Chen family established Jincheng

  • 1990年

    renovation of the advanced roller kiln production line

  • 1998年

    investment in the third roller kiln production line

  • 2002年

    Jincheng enterprises established formally

  • 2003年

    Jincheng external wall tiles began to be popular in the whole country, leading the market for ten years, won the "Famous Chinese Products" certificate

  • 2004年

    won the "Product quality exemption" certificate

  • 2005年

    won the "provincial township enterprises & well-know products" certificate.

  • 2006年

    it applied for the registration of Jincheng trademark,and was awarded the title of "Famous Brand & Advanced Enterprise", "Fujian Famous Brand Product" ,"Green Building Material Product", and passed the national compulsory CCC certification.

  • 2008年

    for the first time passed the ISO9001 quality system certification

  • 2010年

    Zhangzhou Production Base was established.

  • 2010年

    2010 passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification

  • 2012年

    Jincheng Enterprise Henan Production Base was established.

  • 2013年

    launched the "oblique triangle", "Slate" series of high-definition ink-jet print products,lead the industry trend once again.

  • 2014年

    won the "provincial science and technology enterprise" certificate, reach cooperation with the United States second largest home improvement retailer Lowe's , Jincheng products began to be international.

  • 2015年

    start strengthen cooperation with Country Garden , access the "Country Garden 2015 quality suppliers" title, while enterprise products began to be widely used in "Singapore side", "international coastal city" and other international projects.

  • 2016年

    Jincheng Thin tile products gradually becoming popular

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Brand introduction
  • Culture
  • Story
  • Positioning
  • Jincheng's 28 years is based on the development of China's national conditions , as a well-known ceramic tile brand, Jincheng-man persist "innovation changes life", and down-to-earth to make a new development.

    Brand personality:truth-seeking, innovation, integrity and service

    Brand slogan: perfect tile,perfect home,perfect life

    Brand mission:commitment to product innovation, the achieve a variety of brand life, innovation changes life.

    Brand vision:Through continuous innovation and superior quality, strive to become the leading enterprises in product technology, brand awareness, market share of ceramic industry.

    Brand positioning:Brand slogan: Healthy Tile,build you home

    Brand Concept:Enhance the excellence items,Show the Natural colors

  • In 1920, Michael Chen was born in an art family of Italian northwestern town named Garessio. Michael’s ancestors was a porcelain painting master craftsmen of the official kiln in Chinese feudal society.During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, porcelain was popular and the trade between China and the West was popular. Westerners liked Chinese tea, silk and porcelain, and his grandfather made porcelain business across South Sea. The paintings of porcelain were boldly realistic and exaggerated imagination, forming a sharp contrast, and show up the contrast between calm in surface and inner struggle.During the South Sea business, he met an Italian priest who was very fond of its painting style, after a several talking with his grandfather, the priest took him to Italy, and worked for the church painting murals.Michael's grandfather fusion the Chinese and Western culture, made an another mural style, just responded to the mainstream society on the liberation of human cries, the family gradually integrated into the local community.

    When Michael was born, his father was a famous religious painter, and mother is a local lady who has a deep knowledge of music.Good family background given the best education and influence of Michael.He entered the Turin Academy of Art at the age of 14, in addition to painting, he also obsessed with the study of ceramic technology.In a graduate exhibition, he creatively design the characters to the tiles, ceramic tile factory take it to the kiln, and successfully produced, and then became popular in the market,changed the previous tiles monotonous luxury style.That year, he was only 19 years old.

    The Suddenly World War II interrupted his artistic creation, Michael Chen witnessed the great changes in society after the war in the next six years.In the war times, Michael Chen also received social experience.After the war, face to the devastated world, he quickly find their own life direction - focus on building ceramics technology and reconstruction homes.In the ensuing decades, his works began to be recognized by many well-known companies, and put into production.Full of human characteristics and natural texture’s tiles, as Michael Chen's masterpiece , has become a hot products in market.

    In the ensuing days, Michael Chen set up a ceramic design Institute named Process.in 80s China's rapid development has attracted the attention of Michael Chen.He grew older and grew more homesick. He remembered childhood, grandfathers and fathers who talked about China and his roots in China, and then he went back to China.He came to Taiwan, and moved Process to Taiwan, but Taiwan market was too small to develop Process into an international institute, so he aimed at the Chinese mainland market.

    In 1988, his wish finally can be achieved, when he was looking for ancestors in the mainland, he find this area was in the rapid development of private enterprises, shoes , tiles, food, stone and other industries.So he decided to corporate with the local Chen family, and established the ceramic companies called Jincheng. Process Institute in addition to provide ceramic design for the ceramic brands in Europe to, but more serve to Jincheng ceramic, bring a steady designs.Thanks to the profound historical background, Jincheng Ceramics after 28 years of development, has been widely welcomed by the market and established more than 2,000 sales outlets, Jincheng gradually developed into a domestic and overseas well-known ceramic brand.

  • Jincheng tiles used advanced technology and independent design to lead the industry create suitable products for Chinese-style.Jincheng take the strategy that independent innovation and differentiation of the characteristics in product design, product culture,show, services.From the outside wall, Full-body retro tile, full-polished tiles, to poke glazed antique tiles, diamond tiles, thin tiles and other decorative accessories,and those are nicely decorated constructions.It give an expression of Jincheng’s concept”Enhance the excellence items,Show the Natural colors”.



qualification honor


qualification honor
  • Management
  • Technology
  • Product
  • Channel
  • Enterprises strictly adopt the national standard (ceramic tiles GB / T4100-2015), passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system; ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification.

  • Energy saving thin tile product save the mineral resources and energy consumption, reducing environmental pollution and waste emissions, improve the living environment.

    Utilization of waste residue in the manufacturing process, it can result waste mud, waste tile, we through the use of waste utilization technology, making all the waste can be effectively utilized and achieve zero emissions of waste residue.

    Natural simulation the ink-jet printing technology make the texture more realistic and natural.

  • The Group owns a series of various decorative accessories, such as Thin tile,Diamond tile,Full-Polished Glazed tile,Rustic tile,Interior wall tile,exterior wall tile, etc. The variety of specifications is complete, frost-resistant, Beautiful color and elegant.The terminal showroom in the country show a wide range of decorative design style, to provide our clients with quality products and services.

  • Jincheng Group has been built nearly 2,000 distribution outlets covering the cities and even the township, provide thoughtful and convenient service for consumers.