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  • Product quality stability guarantee
  • Environmental protection
  • Product maintenance
  • How are good tiles made
  • Product instructions
  • Cutting operation specification
  • Product quality stability guarantee

    The company strictly implement the "total quality management," everyone is a management guiding ideology, from the raw material comes into play, production process monitoring, finished products, etc., all of people, machine, material, method, ring all charges point for digital and standardized control, tracking every link in production process, strictly control the quality management, improving product quality, responsible to the consumers, make each product quality tends to be perfect.

    The first、Create product application research and development and design center, always keep abreast of the trend

    Our company is a "high-tech enterprise" "provincial famous brand products", now has a modern product application research and development center and product design center. Strive to innovate basic production technology, improve the technical content of products; Strengthen product design and development, create self-style products, and realize the market difference strategy of artistic products. Launch dozens of new products for the market every year, with the product renewal rate exceeding 50%.

    The second、International top equipment to ensure quality production

    The company has introduced a number of modern production lines from Italy, Germany, using the international top inkjet printer and ceramic ink, advanced equipment and raw materials to effectively ensure the quality of the product output.

    The third、To implement ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system

    The company to "eight principles of quality management" ISO9001 standard requirements to establish and improve the quality management system, from all aspects to strengthen on-site control, emphasizing the "everyone is the quality inspection", "do a good job at one time" quality consciousness, product production process layer by layer inspection, can be warehousing factory sales.

    ⒈Incoming acceptance and homogenization of raw materials
    Raw material company covers an area of 80 mu, ore disposable storage class raw materials dosage of 3 months, chemical industry, ceramic pigment for six months, in strict accordance with the standard qualified rear can put into use, into the factory production is needed before mixing homogenization, guarantee the stability of each batch of materials is qualified, can guarantee the stability of ceramic tile quality from the source.

    ⒉Standardize work instructions
    In the production process, the operation procedures of each process are clearly stipulated, and each process has operation guidelines, equipment maintenance standards, equipment maintenance standards, etc. Standard flow chart is set for key process links, and the operation instructions are pasted on the obvious location of the corresponding production links, illustrated with pictures and texts, so as to ensure that the production staff can conduct self-inspection at any time. When there is a slight change in product quality, the person in charge of each process of the production line will immediately go to the site for consultation, and take corrective measures in a unified plan, so that the quality requirements are within the control range.

    ⒊Strict grading and warehousing system shall be implemented for finished product control
    Finished product control, within the company has a strict grading system and storage system, each piece of brick must go through the two machines and artificial, only two check comply with internal control standard, may be put in storage only sales, thus ensure the product size, color, size, neat degree of the quality of long-term, stable and growing.

  • Product production technology environmental protection and energy saving

    At the current stage when energy conservation and environmental protection have increasingly attracted the attention of the whole society, our company produces brand ceramic wall and floor tiles, actively responds to the strict national environmental protection laws and regulations and the requirements of governments at all levels for specific energy conservation and emission reduction in the ceramic industry, and continuously makes reasonable rectification of raw materials, equipment, technology and products:

    1、In order to alleviate the depletion of high quality mineral resources and ensure the quality of ceramic tile is not affected, our company makes efforts to explore the exploitation of substitute raw materials of high quality clay, feldspar and other mineral raw materials, and promote and apply them in large quantities.

    2、Ceramic tile production input of large equipment implanted frequency conversion technology, greatly save power consumption, significantly improve the efficiency of electromechanical equipment.

    3、With advanced 3D hd inkjet printing technology and large wide-body kiln, it guides the new direction of livable products for consumers with high technology and energy saving and environmental protection.

    4、Division I popularize anion technology energetically, partial product already succeeded upgrade to change for reduce thin ceramic tile, reduced ceramic tile production to consume to raw material resource and energy greatly, reduce production cost, can reduce the cost of product transportation and shop to stick at the same time.

  • Jincheng ceramic tile series products maintenance

    How to protect such high-end products? Listen to the small make up to explain to you, a total of three steps!

    1.Protection before delivery

    After finishing, the products are coated with protective film on the brick surface before leaving the factory to prevent surface pollution.

    2.Construction protection

    1>After paving the floor tile, you can't put the paint bucket on the floor tile, and you can't mix mortar on the ground pasted up. When decorating the wall and roof, you must add a protective layer on the ground pasted up to ensure that the brick surface is not polluted.

    2>When ceramic tile needs to cut, must not be in the shop sticks good ceramic tile face layer to operate, in case brush beautiful already spread sticks good ceramic tile surface.

    3>Do not tear off the protective film of the product before complete decoration, so as not to damage the brick surface and decorative effect.

    3.Daily maintenance

    1> Tea stains, fruit stains, coffee, vinegar sauce, leather shoes, ink and other stains can be used bleach, soak 20-30 minutes when using, and then wipe with a cloth or Marco Polo black hand detergent cleaning can be removed.

    2 >Cement, rust, rust spots, use hydrochloric acid or citric acid cleaning

    3>When decorating, cause lime scale besmirch carelessly, can use acid cleaner to clean

    4 >Oil marker marks can be cleaned with copper

  • How are good tiles made

    1、0.03 mm ball fineness

    Through long-time ball grinding and testing, the particle fineness of raw materials can be ensured to reach 0.03mm


    In order to ensure the evenness of raw materials, reserve more than 180 days of inventory, so that all components fully reflect stale

    3、Advanced glaze production line

    According to the international advanced standard of decorative glazing line, multi-template glazing and 3D inkjet printing, so that the product color rich and full.

    4、Strict inspection

    Advanced analytical instruments and perfect testing procedures ensure that the raw material composition meets the requirements and the quality of finished products

    5、7500 tons of press

    7,500 tons Italian sami automatic hydraulic molding machine. Ensure density, hardness to reach a high point, for today's ceramic tile manufacturing higher level.

    6、It is fired at a high temperature of 1250 degrees

    Full length of 320 meters of high temperature furnace, 1250 degrees above the high temperature firing, compact body sintering, glaze melting perfect, stable color.

    7、The raw material is homogenized repeatedly

    Raw materials from mining, to the factory, processing, repeated homogenization, to ensure the same batch of products with the same composition, quality stability.

    8、Gauss iron removal technology

    The most advanced 10,000 gauss permanent magnet iron removal device can completely remove iron impurities in raw materials.

    9、Industry leading matt glaze

    Ten years of independent research and development, nearly ten thousand experiments, the achievement of the industry's leading matte glaze, alumina containing nano-level glaze, wear-resistance and transparency can be achieved, creating the first full glaze.

  • Product instructions

    Please refer to the following points when we decorate:

    1、When using the product, please check whether the product number, working size and color number identified by the product packaging are consistent. The same plane and the same number of products should be pasted with products with the same color number and working size, and pasted in the same direction according to the product surface features such as patterns。

    2、The surface of the building base should be treated according to the construction specification before paving and pasting. If remove miscellaneous, make bottom level, spray water to maintain, wait, hang a line to spread affix again by the shop stick a plan, in order to assure the surface is level off, ash seam is straight.

    3、Wet before pasting, cool and dry before using to ensure the bonding effect. When ceramic qualitative brick is used at metope shop sticks, should choose appropriate ceramic tile glue, in order to prevent fall off.

    4、Between brick and brick should leave ash seam, the proposal in shop stick USES plastic cross to leave seam.

    5、Do not directly hit the brick surface with a metal hammer or sharp hard material when laying and pasting. Within 12-24 hours after the completion of laying and pasting on the ground, clean the brickwork joints on the brick surface. It is recommended to use a caulking agent when dealing with cement seams. At the same time, the filling of ash seam shall be compacted, flat and slightly lower than the brick glaze. It shall be forbidden to walk and wash after the shop is pasting within 24 hours. After 24 hours, cover the brick surface with professional ground protection film (Pu fabric/bottom nap) or damp impervious material. It is strictly prohibited to use damp impervious material for ground protection.

    6、In the process of construction and daily use should promptly remove the dirt on the brick surface, keep the brick surface clean, prevent scratches or pollution, such as stains can be used to clean soft cloth and tile cleaner, is prohibited to use hydrofluoric acid and other items cleaning.

    7、Ceramic brick is brittle material, construction and use should prevent knock against, lest damage glaze.

  • Ceramic tile cutting operation specification

    The first、Desktop electric cutting machine

    1、Add a ceramic tile to the bottom of the cutting machine platform to prevent the abrasion of the ceramic tile to the platform during the cutting process. The ceramic tile at the bottom can be replaced according to the abrasion;

    2 、If want to cut brick not level off to cause to have aperture between ceramic tile of bottom floor and ceramic tile, can add mat between both appropriate ply paper, avoid the generation that drops an Angle.

    3 、Replace the appropriate saw blade: the larger the diameter of the saw blade, the better, the more emery content, the better coarse sand than fine sand, the higher the motor speed, the better. It is recommended to use lang brand Φ 250 x60 saw blade.

    4、Reduce cutting speed appropriately, 1.4 m/min is recommended. With uniform force will be cutting, cutting machine bedplate push forward to cutting contact point and brick tail propulsion 10 ~ 20 ㎜ must slow down, Angle control crack. In the process of pushing, do not press the brick with both hands. Use the following figure to hold the brick against the positioning bar.

    The second、Hand-held electric cutting machine :

    1.It is recommended to use a cutting machine with a speed of more than 11,000 RPM 。

    2.Pad the bottom of the brick flat; Add water for cooling during cutting; The direction is backward cutting (consistent with the rotation direction of the cutting piece), the technique should be in a straight line, not swinging from side to side, slow and uniform cutting; During the cutting process, the cutting machine shall not press the brick to cut, but lift the cutting machine appropriately to cut along the force 。

    3.Safety matters :
    In the process of cutting, we must pay attention to the position of the saw blade and control the cutting speed of the product ;
    During the cutting process, the product debris must be washed with water, and it is strictly prohibited to clean directly by hand ;
    Cutting, hand and must keep above 10 ㎜ distance between blades, in case of cutting piece on hands 。

    The third、Cutting precautions

    1.In the process of cutting, the appropriate control of the cutting speed, under the knife to slow down, the middle can be faster, when the knife must be slowly to avoid missing Angle.

    2.Sawblade selection: different brick products with different types of sawblade cutting, such as: polished brick to fengli type, microcrystalline, glazed brick to use fine sand type sawblade to prevent sawtooth breakage glaze. Archaize brick can be cut with the saw blade with longer cutting meters to reduce cutting cost.